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Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Mark Oaten and Belinda Oaten give first joint interview ...

... since it was revealed in January that he had made use of male 'prostitutes'. Mark Oaten and his wife Belinda today (Tuesday 17th October) gave a joint interview to Martha Kearney on Woman's Hour about their relationship since the revelations of husband Mark's sexual shenanigans provided both shock and titillation for a jaded British public in the run-up to the recent LibDem leadership election (let's not complain too much - without the story about Mark Oaten and analogous revelatons of 'sexual deviancy' on the part of Simon Hughes, another of the Leadership candidates, that would indeed have been a 'yawn-fest'); you can listen to a podcast of the interview from the link above for the next several days. We learned from the interview that Mr Oaten is 'not gay', according to both parties. He was not actually asked, I think, if he is bisexual, which seems to me to be the most plausible explanation. Not that I care very much, but the wittering on by Mark Oaten, especially, but also by wife Belinda that it was a 'complex issue' with many factors contributing to his straying from the marital bed were not very convincing. The only point of interest was when Martha Kearney asked her point-blank if she feared there were more revelations to come, to which she inevitably replied 'no', but added in a momentarily steely voice that if there turn out to be additional 'skeletons' then "he knows the consequences". So I hope for his sake, as it appears he wishes to continue with his marriage, that his protestations are not shown to be inaccurate. And there, folks, I propose to allow this tragic couple to exit stage left and say no more about them.

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