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Thursday 7 September 2006

The 'Jack Traven' of Central Scotland!

Now if you know your movie plots, you'll remember that Jack Traven was the character played by Keanu Reeves (mmmm!) in the movie Speed. However, now Scotland has its very own 'Jack Traven', although in this case the driver is a criminal who has been convicted for taking a bus and leading the police (3 vehicles and one helicopter!) on a 50-mile chase before they had to resort to a stinger device to blow out the tyres (that didn't stop him!) and finally came to an end only when he drove through a farm gate and a fence became entangled in the wheels.

26-year old Scott Cruikshank had already been banned from driving 21 times (!) before stealing the bus and has now been sent to gaol for two and a half years and given two life driving bans by Sheriff Lindsay Foulis at Perth Sheriff Court. Cruikshank's "curiosity" (as it was quaintly described by his solicitor Martin Morrow) has at least taken him temporarily off our streets, although whether this young man will observe the life driving bans when he is released from prison in due course is not known, but given his past behaviour I suspect that he may not.

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