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Thursday, 7 September 2006

Has life become just a bowl of cherries for Blair and the Labour clique?

(See the UPDATES at the end of this post)

This thought was prompted because I am sitting here eating from a bowl of delicious ripe cherries whilst watching the 1pm news on the beeb enjoying the spectacle of the Labour Party in self-destruct mode. Hazel Blears (earlier), Jack Straw and Ruth Kelly hedging her bets, mouthing some guff about Blair having "earned the right" to choose the timing of his own departure from office - complete stuff and nonsense - before going on to suck-up to the presumed next labour leader, Gordon Brown, saying he is the "obvious" choice to replace Blair and would make an "excellent" Prime Minister.

Will Blair still be Prime Minister at Christmas, let alone at the end of May next year? It wouldn't surprise me if he is gone in weeks, not months. Can a General Election be far behind that happy event?

Quite, quite delicious - now, back to that bowl of cherries.

UPDATE: (Thursday 7SEP06 15.47 BST) I watched a short while ago Blair's statement during a visit to a school in which he indicated that this year's would be the last Labour Party conference he attends as its leader - hurrah! However, he stated he was not going to give a precise date for his departure. Earlier in the afternoon I had watched a statement made by Gordon Brown that he supported the PM fully and would leave it to him to decide on the precise date. So far, so good. However, shortly after Blair's own statement was broadcast, a statement was read out from a Brown acolyte, Doug Henderson, that this settles nothing and that a precise date is required. The Labour Party's self-immolation continues apace - what fun! No doubt the blogosphere and the media will happily add more fuel to the fire - I hope to do my little bit here in my own little blog to hasten the departure of this sorry excuse for a government!

2nd UPDATE: (Thursday 7SEP06 18.33 BST) According to this, Tony Blair was jeered by pupils at the school at which he made his statement earlier today - funny how that didn't make it on to the televised news, eh?!

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