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Sunday, 13 August 2006

Where's Israel, George?

Gavin at The Whiskey Priest has a photo of the Levant, taken from the website of the Respect Party (Leader - George 'Gorgeous' Galloway Esq MP), which seems to have changed an important detail (see the bottom of the photo). Shall we say it's an exercise in political fantasising rather than an accurate portrayal of the facts on the ground in that part of the world. Gavin also has another link to a video of a recent appearance by the 'Gorgeous' one on SkyNews. Those of a delicate dispositon may care to dose themselves with a stiff drink (or two!) before watching this ranting tirade.

Whilst I deplore what Galloway stands for, naturally I respect (pun intended) his right to say what he does - I'd rather people like him be free to state plainly their views so there can be no doubt in anyone's mind who and what he stands for. If democracy means anything then it means welcoming free expression of diverse viewpoints.

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