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Sunday 2 July 2006

Two gay Royal Canadian Mounties wed in uniform

Two gay Royal Canadian Mounties wed on Friday in uniform in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. In its article headlined "Residents of Yarmouth, N.S., nonplussed by marriage of gay Mounties" on the subject, reports that not all residents were, however, in any way 'put out' - "Ronnie Devine doesn't know what the fuss is about. While cleaning his lobster boat Friday, the fisherman said he doesn't understand why people are still talking about the marriage of two gay Mounties in this bustling fishing port.":

"It doesn't bother me one bit. As long as they're doing their jobs properly, I couldn't care less about it."

Speaking of the couple, nicknamed locally as the 'Brokeback Mounties' (quite amusing, I think!), one elderly man is quoted as saying:

"It's not really for me, but that's their business."

Seems like a pragmatic attitude.

I quote one other segment from the article: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he will hold the vote to determine whether there is an appetite to revisit legislation giving homosexuals the right to marry. In a bid to avoid controversy, Harper recently muzzled his MPs, ordering them not to comment on the marriage of the two Mounties."
- from what I can gather he would prefer to disallow such unions, but probably realises that it is such a non-issue to most Canadians that he best keep his outdated views to himself.

See a pre-wedding photograph of the happy couple here (Courtesy The Hamilton Spectator).

Congratulations to the happy pair!

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