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Wednesday 26 July 2006

More nannying propaganda from Blair - on the NHS

The man really doesn't 'get it'! He wants to solve the problems of the NHS by exhorting people to take better care of themselves. A laudable desire, to be sure, although he must be even more out of touch with reality than I already belive him to be if he thinks that your average fag-puffing, beer-swilling, junk-food guzzling lout is going to take a blind bit of notice of this latest plea for everyone 'just to be nice to each other'. God, it makes me sick, this nannying hectoring attitude that socialists adopt, whether they are of the champagne or working-men's club variety.

The job of a government is to set up conditions which motivate citizens to act in their own best interests, not to provide a molly-coddled environment which people come to rely on as the norm and as a result too often lose the initiative to help themselves. The NHS does need reform, yes. It requires drastic reform and a lessening of the bureaucracy which forms an integral part of its whole ethos. The NHS, or any health service, should exist solely to provide healthcare outcomes for patients, not job opportunities for well in excess of a million people. Market-based reality needs to be injected into this monolith!

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