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Tuesday 11 July 2006

Black gays protest homophobe AIDS concert

Extraordinary! Quite what LIFEbeat is up to escapes me! Beenie Man and TOK are two of the performers booked to take part in an AIDS-prevention benefit scheduled for July 18 in New York (another report is here). If they are allowed to take part then they should certainly be required to make statments condemning homophobia - and they should be much more explicit than the pathetic statements made by Beenie Man in the past!

Luckily British promoters have rescinded an invitation to both Beenie Man and another arch-homophobic rapper Buju Banton to take part in a concert here.

UPDATE: (Thursday 13JUL06 09.30 BST) The New York concert has now been cancelled. For an organisation said to be raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness, its protests about the negative feeling caused by the inclusion of homophobic performers sound bizarre - and hollow! If they did not appreciate that the inclusion of such performers at an HIV/AIDS awareness fund-raising event, for goodness sake(!), would be bound to cause enormous offence amongst gays - of whatever colour - then they need their heads examined!

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