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Tuesday 20 June 2006

I have never ...!

A fun new blog game to play.
I will list 3 things that I've never done at the bottom of this post. They all begin: "I have never..."

You should copy these instructions and my list to your blog. BUT you should remove the top item and add a new item to the bottom of the list - it should be something that YOU have never done, and it can be about anything you like.

You should also go back over the remaining 2 things I listed and highlight (in bold, a different colour, italics, however you want) the things that are not true for you (ie You have done them).

This way, the list is constantly evolving and changing through every iteration.

You can only repost a list to your blog if none of the previous "I have never..."'s that you have answered are there.

PS - Don't forget to post a comment here if you are playing the game and say where you got the game from in your post - thanks.
(thru Reluctant Nomad)

I have never used a dildo.
I have never had an orgy.
I have never had sex with a woman.

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