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Wednesday 26 April 2006

Labour: the mindbogglingly incompetent Party - the 'sexiness' of power

Really you couldn't make it up!

Charles Clarke - yet another example of the unbelievably incompetent, ideologically-skewed manner in which our Labour Government conducts itself. This bumbling, arrogant, posh-sounding former Communist fellow-traveller and apologist for dictatorship burbles on, like the little boy caught with his hands in the sweetie-jar, trying to explain why he should not resign (or more appropriately, be sacked - well, Tony?) for having presided over a Home Office which has released over a thousand foreign criminals who have served their sentences, but whom courts earlier suggested should be considered for deportation when their gaol time was completed. Clarke, if you please, recognises the error, but thinks he should be allowed to stay and sort out the mess. Our Prime Minister, Tony Blair, apparently has full confidence in him - where have we heard that before? Clarke should go, or be sacked. Why should we allow this man who seems hell-bent on removing many of our democratic freedoms and who is, as I have long suspected, just another example of a rabid socialist who couldn't run a whelk-stall let alone the Home Office, stay a moment longer? The golden opportunity to get rid of him, because of his self-acknowledged lack of managerial ability and flawed judgement should not we wasted!

John Prescott - what a card! A two-year affair with a lady whom we are told is a 'diary secretary' - is that what they are calling it now? Pauline is 'devastated'. Very sad, of course, but you've lived with this bear of a man for decades, lady! What this really points to are two factors: the intoxication of power on the part of those who wield it and the suspension of good judgement on the part of those who come into contact with them. How else to explain the relationships formed by John Prescott, the late Robin 'the gnome' Cook, David Blunkett or David Mellor, or even TV personality/journalist Andrew Neil? The last two just to show this is not yet another anti-Labour, anti-politician rant. Would any of these men have attracted the female attention they obviously do/did were it not for the power or influence they wield[ed]? It is one thing to have self-important TV personalities' sordid sex-lives getting in the way of their jobs, it is quite another to have our Government processes side-tracked by such issues - and if John Prescott were a super-competent exponent of sensible policies as a Government minister then his personal foibles would be less critical, but he is neither of those things. His affair and those of the others do all add greatly to the 'gaiety of the nation', however.

As I said at the beginning, even my fertile imagination could not have made all of this nonsense up! Is at least one more wheel about to fall off this Labour Government's wagon?

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