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Wednesday 22 February 2006

RMT attempts blackmail over 2012 Olympics

The ever-lovely Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT makes his pitch for more money for his members during the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012:

"People will tell you the Sydney Olympics was one of the smoothest running, public transport wise. What they had done was put an attendance bonus in place where it gave a benefit to people to come to work, to make sure the Games run smoothly and give the company flexibility on the running of the services."

So, merely for turning up as usual our cousins in Sydney got extra money. Oh, no doubt regional transport services will want to run additional services during this period, possibly during the night, for which it would be reasonable to pay some kind of special rate, but that is not what is being talked about here.

What would happen if Transport for London (TfL) did not agree to similar terms being agreed for London? Well, I'm sure you can guess what this cockney charmer has said, but here it is:

"I imagine if our members don't get the same as other groups of workers have, we could have difficulties."

It's not very difficult to read the coded message there, is it?

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