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Tuesday 21 February 2006

The 'Naked rambler', and you can't but admire him ...

... finally arrived yesterday at John O'Groats after having left Lands End last June, although not without the minor inconvenience of several arrests and jail terms along the way. Interestingly enough he seems to have travelled across the length of England without undue incident, but once he crossed into the territory of the 'Presbyterian heartland' (aka Scotland), the home of the kilt [*], things took a decidedly downward spiral. That Kirk minister near Dingwall (about 25 miles west of here) really does need to get a life (!), as do the others (including the various Police Forces involved) who made a nuisance of themselves. All they succeeded in doing was to make themselves look silly. Scotland is my homeland and I am generally-speaking proud to be a Scot (and British as well!), but foolishness such as this harmless enough indiviudal found here does make me wonder.

In other news, the weather in the 'arctic wastes' of northern Scotland is presently quite cold ... suffice it to say, quite apart from any other considerations, that alone is more than sufficient to make me unlikely to consider emulating the hardy Stephen Gough.

[*] - and yes, it is true that by tradition no underwear is worn by any true Scot when wearing the kilt, even if I personally find the idea of vigorous Scottish country dancing attired thusly to be beyond my courage level.

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