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Sunday, 5 February 2006

Conservatives are to have a candidates' "gAy" list

The Conservative Party, under new Leader David Cameron, has already announced it is drawing up an A-list of candidates with the aim of boosting the proportion of female and ethnic-minority candidates. Now it appears that a parallel list is also being drawn up, which is being dubbed the gAy-list, with the aim of having a 'priority' list of openly homosexual candidates selected as prosepctive parliamentary candidates in target (i.e. 'winnable') seats.

I have been waiting for this kind of signal from the Conservative Party that it is finally making real efforts to put its homophobic image (and reality) behind it). It remains to be see just how the Leadership plans to impose the A- and gAy- lists on constituency associations reluctant to accept dictation in their choices of candidates from Conservative Central Office, but I think (or at least I hope) that there is now a general realisation growing in the Party that genuine change is required, not superficial gestures, if the Party is ever to regain the confidence of the electorate and that they see in David Cameron the person that can achieve this, whilst having genuine 'conservative' credentials personally. I am now almost at the stage where I think that submission of my application to re-join the Party is a viable choice, whilst still being able to look at myself honestly in the mirror.

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