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Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Simon Hughes - creep!

What a creep Simon Hughes is! I watched him wriggle last night during BBC2's Newsnight when asked to confront the slimy reality of his politics in alluding to the homosexuality of an opponent as an election strategy. He won the election, so what does it cost him to apologise now? Well, not doing so now might damage, he thinks, his chances in the LibDem leadership race - that is the only reason he has chosen this moment to apologise - he could have done this at any time in the last 23 years! (Last night's Newsnight is online here until this evening if you want to see what he said - the main interview is about ten or so minutes into the programme)

Peter Tatchell, Hughes' victim, is a great deal more forgiving than I would be in similar circumstances. The Daily Mail carries a report here.

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