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Thursday, 19 January 2006

Just how was 'Fathers4Justice' done to death?

Highly conveniently for the government, the founding member of Fathers4Justice has announced that the group will disband, following on from the deeply unhelpful antics of some erstwhile members, whom we are told have engaged in bar-room discussions about a possible kidnap attempt on the youngest child of Prime Minister Tony Blair. It is pretty clear that members and former members must have been under quite close surveillance if their conversations in a bar were being monitored so closely. The police, whilst admitting that such preliminary discussions have taken place, as reported, seem to have accepted that the likelihood of them being carried over into action, far less successful action, were rather remote - specially when you consider the 'security bubble' which undoubtedly surrounds the Prime Minister and his family.

So just who were the dissidents, apparently already outlawed by the Fathers4Justice group before the recent revelations? I just have a nagging worry that these people were perhaps not genuine 'militants' at all, but agitators infiltrated into the group with the express aim of discrediting it? After all, however foolish their activities have been to date (demonstrators climbing up the facade of Buckingham Palace or throwing powder-dye 'bombs' in the House of Commons chamber), they have been notable principally for their publicity-value, not for their 'nastiness', and were deeply embarrassing to the government and the security services. Far be it from me to suggest that any member of the government, or the security services, is behind these recent events - naturally, I would never dream of doing such a thing. Nevertheless something about this whole non-story stinks to high heaven and I am left wondering what is really behind it.

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