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Monday, 9 January 2006

British Muslim leader slams gay rights

This is not really 'news' of course, because Sir Iqbal Sacranie, leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, has said similar kinds of things many times before. As the linked article points out, Sacranie is not the only religious leader who has 'issues' with the laws which have been passed into statute by our democratically elected Parliament.

Naturally, as we live in a free country, I support the right of anyone to say more or less what they think - except that I have just a teensy-weensy problem when someone chooses to indulge in what is pretty clearly skirting dangerously close to hate-speech against a segment of the British population - unfortunately the sad reality is that our laws in the UK do not categorise comments against people because of their sexual orientation as 'hate speech', as they cover only comments relating to race - that is perfectly good, but similar protection needs to be extended to similar bigotry based on sexual orientation.

As to the substance of Sir Iqbal Sacranie's remarks, I must point out to him that we live in a secular, not a theocratic, society. He is free, so far as I am concerned, to believe in the myths put out by whatever 'cult' he chooses, just as believers in other religious 'cults', such as Catholics, are likewise free - just so long as they don't try and inflict their bigotry onto the laws of this country!

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