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Friday, 23 September 2005

Poor old Charlie, such a nice man, but really!

Charles Kennedy, giving his speech as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party on the final day of their conference at Blackpool:

"When this Labour government fails - which one day it surely will - the party that is ready for the challenge of government will be ours. I will lead this party into the next election as the clear alternative to a discredited Labour government. It's my ambition to lead the first government in the liberal tradition of the 21st century."

- of course he's got to say this kind of thing, in an attempt to send the Party away on a high-note, but does he really believe he is likely, except in his Walter Mittyesque daydreams, to become Prime Minister?

Charles Kennedy, whatever else one may say about him, is in my view a genuinely decent person; he has just hitched his wagon to ideas that have not galvanised the British electorate in a very long time. If, after the next election, things turn out as he says he hopes then I will refer back to this post and issue a heartfelt mea culpa; that's a promise!

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