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Thursday, 16 June 2005

Minor template changes

I've just put in place a number of relatively minor template changes which you may wonder about next time you visit (assuming your browser 'refreshes' the image, that is):
- I have changed the link to the blog's main page from the slightly opaque 'BlogHome' to what I think is the more readily understandable 'Current Posts';
- I have moved the 'Mini Comment Area' (aka 'Shoutbox') to below the 'Feedback' section in the right-hand column; this seems more logical and puts more potentially relevant links at the top of the page.

I am working on another change, but am still testing it on a parallel (un-publicised) blog until I am satisfied it is satisfactory. Although I am reasonably happy (and I hope you are, too ... 'Feedback' anybody?) with the new 3-column layout I launched about a week ago, I think the main panel needs to be a little bigger, but of course to do that I probably need to reduce the typefaces in the left- and right-hand columns a little to avoid having too many links which flow onto a second line. It sounds a simple little problem, but the way the blog template is designed means it is not quite so simple as it might first appear. I should be able to modify the different typeface sizes in use in the blog separately, but not all seem to respond to the coding changes in the way I imagined they would - so until my 'deep thought' processes (for any Asimov fans out there!) yield results, this change will have to wait. Sorry for the entirely narcissistic nature of this post, although for me one of the interesting aspects of having a webpage or blog is the opportunity it affords to increase my amateur knowledge of HTML and JavaScript coding; my 'nerdish' tendencies still surface from time to time, I'm afraid ...

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