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Sunday, 19 June 2005

Labour's latest sinister manoeuvres to stifle dissent ...

There is a riveting post today at Spy Blog about the 'whistleblower' diplomat James Cameron (no relation), the gentleman who revealed the visa scams taking place at our embassy in Bucharest (Romania). Spy Blog links to an article in the Sunday Times. His revelations led to the resignation of Home Office Immigration Minister Beverly Hughes.

Naturally enough neither Beverley Hughes, nor former Home Secretary David Blunkett, both of whom were required to resign in disgrace as a result of this and, in Blunkett's case, other immigration scandals, remained long out of the Government. Blunkett is now, Gawd help us, Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, whereas Beverley Hughes has been likewise been rehabilitated as Minister of State (Children) in the Department for Education and Skills.

This is how Labour and its increasingly tame Civil Service and legal system (in this instance in the guise of the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS]) attempts, and very often succeeds, in ruining people who try to speak out against it, whilst simultaneously protecting those of its own number who breach flagrantly the trust that the public has every right to expect from its elected leaders. I was criticised in a comment to a recent post for going over the top and asked to 'calm down' because I suggested that Dr John Reid should consider resigning to take responsibility, as Secretary of State for Defence, of the complete fiasco over security revealed at Sandhurst (my post is here, the comments are here). Naturally enough Paul Evans is a committed Labour voter ("I have always been"), and he seems to see it as his business to seek to deflect any criticism of his (not my) Labour Government. Well, until this seemingly power-crazed Government finally drags me away kicking and screaming because I won't shut up about the crass way it is demeaning our democracy, I will decline respectfully to follow Mr Evans's kind advice and instead make sure I keep up with the information that the excellent blog Spy Blog takes the trouble to assemble and publish, even if I am always interested in reading the comments of people whose views differ from my own - that is the essence of what free debate is all about.

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