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Wednesday, 1 June 2005

The 'gay condition', as outlined in an advice column ...

I've heard many of the comments raised in this type of 'agony aunt' column too many times before for them to have any strong effect on me any more. Frankly, if I had listened to the diagnoses of many of the writers of letters to such columns, and some of the replies from the 'agony aunts' too, I'd probably no longer be around to enjoy the pretty good life I now do; I expect I would have cut my wrists long ago. Let these people so worried about the 'shame' of having a gay son or daughter get on with their sad, prejudiced lives, provided they leave me alone physically (which very unfortunately often does not happen), and I'll be quite content. It's the criminal activity represented by these physical attacks against gays, for no other reason than some people think it is 'wrong' or 'perverted' to be gay, that are the scandal, not the diversity of personalities they seek to stigmatise.

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