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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

BT moves to shore up telephone revenues?

Fixed-line telephone providers are increasingly faced with the reality that people can now make telephone calls worldwide, effectively for nothing or a miniscule cost, through their PC Broadband connections - this seems to be BT's latest attempt at fighting back against this trend and I am sure it will appeal to many traditional fixed-line users, although whether those more savvy about the possibilities now available will be entirely taken in by this is less certain.

Of course, we do need a connection to some kind of network, be it through a copper wire, optical cable or a wi-fi connection, and that has to be paid for, but the notion that one must continue to pay by the minute or the second for time spent on the telephone is rapidly losing credibility. Providers who offer more relevant pricing plans geared to meet today's technical possibilities will, sooner or later, displace the tradtional telecoms providers I suspect.

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