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Sunday, 15 May 2005

Scottish police forces to screen for racists at recruitment

The eight Scottish police forces are to screen new recruits to try and ensure that racists are weeded out before they are unleashed on the public. Like many people I was shocked by the revelations on the 'Secret Policeman' programme about the goings-on in Manchester, which led to screening being launched in England and Wales some time ago. It is good to see Scotland starting a similar process.

It strikes me, though, that there are probably other equally essential areas to cover when recruiting new personnel into the police forces - in some parts of Scotland 'sectarianism' is rife (i.e. west Central Scotland, in particular) and I imagine that attitudes towards sexuality are less advanced, both at the official level and amongst individual police officers, specially outside of the main urban areas.

PS/ Obviously I have now returned from my short Spring (and coincidentally post-election) holiday - it was relaxing and enjoyable; I even managed a few hours basking in the sun. I'll return to more regular blogging tomorrow or Tuesday.

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