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Friday, 20 May 2005

Eurovision 2005 - the final - Saturday 21st May

In my recent post about the results of the semi-final for this year's contest (shown live last evening on BBC3), I gave the running order for the final as I knew it then - this tallied with what is printed in my RadioTimes. However, on trying to find a scorecard for the final (to download in .PDF format - how sad am I?) I eventually found this (*), and have now printed it out quite successfully. However, the running order of the performers seems to be totally different from what I could find last night and now seems to be:
1 - Albania
2 - Bosnia & Herzegovina
3 - Croatia
4 - Cyprus
5 - Denmark
6 - France
7 - FYR Macedonia
8 - Germany
9 - Greece
10 - Hungary
11 - Israel
12 - Latvia
13 - Malta
14 - Moldova
15 - Norway
16 - Romania
17 - Russia
18 - Serbia & Montenegro
19 - Spain
20 - Sweden
21 - Switzerland
22 - Turkey
23 - Ukraine
24 - United Kingdom

Eagle-eyed visitors will spot immediately that this is now in alphabetic order, which I suppose is 'logical', but it does mean that the UK is now singing last, rather than second as before. I hope, in any case, that there won't be further changes. Perhaps it's a case of keeping the best 'til last?

Enjoy the evening tomorrow - I know I shall. (See preview video clips of all the songs by clicking on the links here)

(*) - the .PDF file for the final scorecard is much larger than the one for the semi-final so it'll take quite a while to download (even on my 1MB broadband it took a while); they've added blue hearts, but I suppose that makes a difference from the pink hearts of the BBC Eurovision website.

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