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Monday, 18 April 2005

A societal sickness in South Wales ...

... I don't usually agree with much of anything that unions ever say, but this may just be an exception. It seems that youngsters, some as young a seven years old, have taken to setting fires deliberately to 'lure' fire crews into the area, then proceed to disrupt their fire-fighting efforts by pelting them with stones. Charming, I'm sure! I am surprised, though, that there isn't legislation already on the statute books which could be used to thwart these tearaways. Please don't tell me, however, that the solution may include the introduction of ID Cards - on the other hand, giving some of these people barcodes (if they haven't already got tattoos) might be helpful, no(?), 'mark of the beast' style. (that last bit is just my little joke)

PS/ It's apparently not just a problem in South Wales.

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