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Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Postal voting - a complete shambles

I've held a postal vote ever since it became readily available as an option, and I received my voting papers last Friday or Saturday. Still haven't returned my completed ballot paper, though - so there's still time for one of the seven candidates here to 'bung' me a suitable sum (erm .... that is a joke, by the way).

However, this example of some of the mistakes which appear to be occurring with postal voting, togther with cases of fraudulent vote applications in the names of others makes me wonder just how secure our whole electoral process is. Postal voting is a worthwhile idea, but it does need to be above taint.

PS/ It is some days since I posted here. Sorry. The election does seem to have descended into far too much of a slanging match, with too much invective and not enough fact. All the major parties are guilty of this - none is exempt, unfortunately. Blair, Howard, Kennedy and Salmond are all each as bad as the other. It is really depressing ...

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