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Thursday, 17 March 2005

Self-publicising hyperbole alert

... for yes, it is he.
(Now I admit I may have written this under the influence of just a little too much amontillado but, nevertheless, you be the judge; read a few of his earlier delicious posts for a fuller and 'Scottishly' superb flavour)

Now I suppose this particular posting of mine could, in one sense, be accused of being guilty of the same 'sin' - except self-publicity it ain't! I do wish he'd give us a break ... onanism does get a little bit tedious.

In 'blogger-speak' this fisking has been ...

UPDATE: (Tuesday 22MAR05 23.50 GMT) Amusingly, my remarks seem to have gotten under the skin of Dear Stuart (two mentions for this post in his latest effort?!) - really, like a dog with a bone. Anyway, his blog is popular - and deservedly so; the self-publicity is merely a[n amusing, to me,] distraction.

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