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Friday, 18 March 2005

New links added - March 2005 - batch 2

Here are six more additions to my blogroll; if some of them are unfamiliar I'd like to recommend that you pay them a visit to see what you think. They are in no particular order below:
Ezra Klein - Ezra is an undergraduate student at UCLA. I first came across him when he wrote on another blog (Panadagon, by Jesse Taylor, also in my blogroll), which he did for about a year upto the recent (November 2004) US Presidential Election. He writes stylishly on a wide range of topics, with a definite focus on Democratic politics.
Vividblurry - written by Toby, who describes himself as a diaffected student living in Washington DC. His writing is irreverent and frequently amusing although it is not entirely frivolous. He is gay.
A K Land (Alan Kennedy) - a Scottish blogger from Paisley (near Glasgow) whose postings have become more frequent in the past few months. Seems pretty liberal in outlook and has a parallel blog in Spanish.
Walking the Streets - the writer is a Traffic Warden, writing under the pseudonym Bill Sticker. He writes, well how can I put this, from a viewpoint that most road-users probably haven't considered before. Unfortunately his(?) blogfeed doesn't seem to work very well - I have been tracking his blog for a while, but apparent lack of postings (as shown on my feed aggregator) led me to think he had ceased blogging.
Whiskey Priest, The (Gavin Whenman ) - a young Londoner who is a student at Reading. Is a LibDem supporter. Unfortunately he doesn't blog very often.
Katherine's Adventures! Katherine Kirkpatrick is a young American student currently on a short study period in the UK, during which time she has been acting as an intern for an MSP in the Scottish Parliament (I understand a Scottish Tory). Her writing style is breezy and she gives a very fresh perspective on Scotland and its politics and many other things besides. Great fun to read.

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