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Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Scotland's land laws are crazy - and becoming crazier by the day

A Highland community is being given ballot papers to decide whether 'they' wish to buy a 40,000 acre estate, which is being put up for sale by the current owners. Of course the community won't be buying it at all! These so-called 'community buy-outs' are a complete con - we, the taxpayers will be required to stump up. It is nothing but a mechanism to bring increasing swathes of the country under the ultimate control of the state.

I have absolutely no objection to a Highland, or any other, community buying land, houses - whatever they wish - I just don't want to be required to pay for it for them, through my taxes. I can understand some landowners wanting to divest themselves of holdings here, though - the political climate indicates that some compulsory purchases, at firesale prices, could soon be forced through by our crazy Scottish Executive - better, from their point of view, to get out while they still can. I would much rather property sales and purchases were left to market forces - period.

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