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Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Torture at Abu Ghraib and at Guantanamo - yet more allegations

There are yet more allegations that torture (aka 'coercive techniques') took place at Abu Ghraib well after the earlier revelations were uncovered and for which a number of miliary personnel have been punished, or are in process of being investigated. It seems that the FBI (for goodness sake, the FBI!) say they have uncovered evidence of wrong-doing, allegedly authorised by an Executive Order signed by US President George W Bush, according to documents obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act. The White House has apparently denied that such an Executive Order was issued.

One of the documents obtained relates to Guantanamo and details quite astonishing allegations of treatment of detainees there.

Of course the White House is now saying that these findings will be investigated fully. What else can they say when a Federal agency has apparently put in writing such explosive findings? Even with all I have written on this subject over the months, these latest allegations (which I first heard about a couple of days ago, but wished to read a little about first, before commenting here) completely astonish me. What does the US Administration think it is playing at? America contra mundum?

I remind readers that, at the time of writing, Donald Rumsfeld remains the Secretary of Defense of The United States of America and that this gentleman apparently retains the full confidence of George W Bush, President of The United States of America.

It seems pointless to write any more at this time. I await developments with interest.

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