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Monday, 6 December 2004

Home Secretary Blunkett - should he remain in office?

I have refrained from commenting about David Blunkett's personal life as it has swirled round the media over the past several weeks and I have no intention of commenting about it now. Unless, of course, it affects his judgement in performing his official duties.

All that interests me about David Blunkett is how he has conducted himself in his official capacity as Home Secretary; the regular announcement of bizarre new policies, which collapse under the weight of their own illogic within a few days, coupled with his track record of inspiring some of the most authoritarian legislation in our history and his desire to introduce yet more such legislation. I have stated here before on a number of occasions that I think Blunkett is a danger to the UK's continuing status as a democratic nation - that's why I want him replaced as Home Secretary as soon as possible. His personal life is of no interest to me.

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