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Friday, 26 November 2004

A walk on the beach in the 'gloaming'

I set off from here just before 4 o'clock, when it was still pretty light although the light was already failing (and it's an overcast day), for a walk along the beach with my dog - we both enjoy running along the sand when the tide is quite far out - and whilst it was obviously not warm, the wind at least was very weak. In any case I was well wrapped up with a down jacket and insulated hat. The lights across the Firth were twinkling and by the time we reached the harbour, about a mile along the beach, the sky was really 'gloaming' - a walk back across the links, and it's almost dark. Curtains and blinds drawn - a bottle of wine chilling to go with my dinner (salmon today) in a few hours time. Contentment.

I thought a more down-to-earth posting was appropriate after my last depressed (and depressing) effort. Have a great weekend!

(PS/ I'll feel a lot better tomorrow evening. A lunch I have had a major part in organising for ninety-eight people at the last count -to celebrate Scotland's Patron Saint, St Andrew - is tomorrow and once that is successfully concluded without too many bread rolls being launched in my direction I shall be able to enjoy the rest of the day.)

UPDATE: (Tuesday 30NOV04 18.10 GMT) I'm pleased to say that the St Andrew's Day lunch last Saturday went very well and that all the bread rolls stayed in the appropriate places. There were minor quibbles with the quantity and quality of the waiter service, but broadly speaking it was a very satisfactory afternoon. We also had a very good presentation about the redevelopment of the Culloden Battlefield site (located about 11 miles from here, toward Inverness), which is being planned for the next few years.

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