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Tuesday, 9 November 2004

US Attorney General John Ashcroft resigns

The Indepundit is reporting that John Ashcroft has resigned, along with Commerce Secretary Don Evans. Ashcroft is commonly viewed as one of the most right-wing members of the Bush Administration and as 'Citizen Smash' writes it will be very interesting to see whom President Bush appoints to replace him as it may provide a clue as to the direction Bush plans for his second-term Administration.

As this seems to be 'breaking' news, the BBC simply has a brief announcement and it doesn't yet appear in the DrudgeReport, probably because he is on the East coast (same goes for InstaPundit), whereas Smash is on the West coast ; no doubt there will be copious comment about this in a few hours.

UPDATE: (Wednesday 10NOV04 00.35 GMT) A fuller US-based report here.

2ND UPDATE: (Thursday 11NOV04 00.10 GMT) The new U.S. Attorney General is to be Alberto Gonzales, currently White House counsel. Whether this will be a 'happier' appointment than was John Ashcroft's is unclear, specially after reading this.

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