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Wednesday 6 October 2004

Yes, the 'Holocaust' did happen and it was pre-planned

This riveting transcipt of a speech given by Heinrich Himmler at Poznan (Posen), for which there is a German text and an English translation and of which there is an on-line recording you can listen to, provides a very clear rebuttal of so-called 'holocaust deniers' who claim that the holocaust never happened or that it wasn't planned at the highest level of the Nazi Party. (thru Un swissroll, who got it from normblog)

Now that this period will soon, in the next few decades probably, fade from living memory, it is even more important that vital evidence which can substantiate beyond a shadow of a doubt that what history tells us happened really did happen (and was not simply a horrible nightmare) is preserved scrupulously and used to thwart the deniers.

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