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Thursday, 5 August 2004

Give me strength!!

This bizarre military review into the conduct of Lynndie England during her time at Abu Ghraib detention centre in Iraq has disclosed that she was 'undisciplined' and had been reprimanded on numerous occasions for "... sneaking into the part of the jail where inmates were housed to visit her boyfriend, Spc Charles Graner. She was sloppy at her administrative job at the jail as a result ...".

Now let me get this straight, the US army is very hot on discipline when it comes to relationships between serving soldiers, hence the need for regular disciplinary measures (which of course seem not to have prevented her having become pregnant). But the US army is not so hot on exercising discipline, far less simple supervision, over what was(is?) going on in the prison cells, as the photographs of Lynndie England 'at work' amply demonstrate. And we are expected to believe that there was no complicity 'up the chain of command'? As I said in the title for this post: "Give me strength!!"

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