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Friday, 13 August 2004

California State Supreme Court voids 4,000 gay marriages

Perhaps not an entirely unexpected development, but an extremely disappointing and dismaying one nevertheless.

It is only a short time ago that a gay marriage was similarly voided in France.

Despite all the comment from groups vehemently opposed to gay marriage, most usually on religious grounds (and are we secular societies, or not, pray?), no one has ever been able to explain precisely how the legal union of two gay men or women in a loving relationship is damaging to the institution of marriage. As gay marriage is almost universally outlawed worldwide, and divorce rates are already so high in many countries, it seems to me that the arguments used by the religious 'traditionalists' are not simply deeply prejudiced, but deeply illogical.

UPDATE: (Wednesday 18AUG04 17.35 BST) Interesting post today in BoiFromTroy's blog, generally, and in the light of an exchange of comments on this entry.

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