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Friday, 9 July 2004

When 'budget' becomes obsession

I have to confess I have never flown on this airline, but the news that it is to ban (or 'phase out' as the blurb has it) hold baggage from next year, and a step to this nirvana is the introduction of swingeing charges for checking luggage into the hold, makes it unlikely I will be rushing to do so any time soon.

No doubt there are travellers who don't require this facility, but the claims that less than half of its 27 million passengers annually check-in baggage currently indicate, possibly, that there is a type of customer for whom this is acceptable. I strongly suspect that a lot of people end up with voluminous cabin baggage and struggle with putting said baggage in front of them on the floor, having found the overhead lockers too small for the amount they want to carry on board. 'Coach class' becomes 'cattle class'. Always provided that safety rules are complied with. A recipe for frustrations for staff at check-in counters, or at boarding gates (as check-in counters are to be abolished, too). Or a method of generating another 'revenue stream' - of course the claims to being a 'budget' airline then become more difficult to sustain.

I suppose if you had homes in every place you wanted to travel to then carrying very much would be unnecessary, but the people in that category are possibly not the primary target customers for this airline.

Not for me, thank you very much.

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