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Tuesday, 20 July 2004

Mr Forrest, proprietor of Cromasaig B&B, shows his true colours

If there was ever any doubt that Mr Forrest was a raging homophobe (you know the kind, "I've got nothing against them, but..."), then this must surely dispel it:

"No-one is doing anything about this. The way I read it, this new law would make us take them [gay people] whether we like it or not.

"That is going to destroy tourism in the whole of Scotland. It's about time somebody stood up and said this is our moral stand against what's happening in this country.

"We have to do it because everyone just seems to be following the gay line. Everyone seems to be supporting this minority group who make up 0.2 per cent of the population. How can 0.2 per cent of the population of this country effectively rule it, apart from the fact that 50 per cent of the Members of Parliament we have are p***s anyway.

"I have support locally to stand as an MSP. People have said it's a good idea and it's about time somebody stood up for them. I have no political affiliation and would stand as an independent on moral grounds."

He added: "Can you imagine old Mrs McPhater in Harris taking a couple of p***s in? I think not.

"They wouldn't even be let in the door, whereas I was being reasonable and saying they could have a twin room."

As for that last bit, the notion that any self-respecting gay person would consent to sleep under the roof of a property owned by Mr Forrest, after he had stated his objections to renting a gay couple a room with a double bed in the most objectionable of terms, is simply ludicrous. He cannot imagine for one minute that he is fooling anyone.

All that said, however, if Mr Forrest wants to stand as an MSP then he has every right to do so; he has broken no law, as things stand. Whether the good folk in his prospective constituency truly merit having him as their MSP is something I hope they will ponder carefully before casting their votes. Undoubtedly, if he were to be elected, there would be a certain 'celebrity' value for homophobes from far and wide in coming to stay at Cromasaig - then the sobriquet 'Bible belt' for that part of Scotland would not be mere ironic reference.

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