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Wednesday, 21 July 2004

An interesting take on Senator John Kerry

I came across an article about the upcoming US Presidential contest that is a little different (at least to ones I have read before). It does not pretend to be non-partisan, as it's written by the vice-chairman of Republicans Abroad in Hong Kong, Mark Simon. The article appeared in The Standard, one of the main English-language newspapers in Hong Kong. It seeks to extrapolate from Senator Kerry's absence from the recent Senate vote on Bush's proposed 'Federal Marriage Act', thus according to the article abandoning a core group of supporters, gay voters, who have according to the article raised millions of dollars for his campaign, by suggesting it confirms/reveals what many have said about his character.

As usual, I remain 'neutral' on US domestic politics, except to observe that those whom one might have expected to support the gay community are, when push comes to shove, often little better than those who openly oppose the gay community. We see the same political expediency at work in the UK, with regard to the Labour and Conservative parties. Politics is a rough business. One's "friends" are often little better than those one might more usually consider one's principal "adversaries".

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