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Monday, 26 July 2004

Google searches that surprise me

Just a little while ago, there were two Google searches which alighted on my little blog:
- "Luke Walmsley gay"
- "Luke Walmsley bully"
from different IPs, one from an identifiable source in the UK, the other anonymous (although I know the IP, too).

Why today? Luke Walmsley was murdered last November. Well, today the verdict at the trial of the alleged killer was announced and the fellow-pupil who stabbed him to death has been found guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow.

I feel, frankly, appalled at the mentality of people who can even contemplate putting such queries into a search engine, particularly today. What purpose does it serve? Whether he was gay or not is completely irrelevant - I am frankly not interested in knowing if the killer had as a motive that he suspected Luke Walmsley was gay or not; such a motive would not be acceptable, if it existed, in any circumstances. The evidence I heard on the radio earlier this afternoon indicates that the killer had a long-standing grudge against his victim and had uttered threats against his life well before he carried out the act. As for Luke Walmsley being a bully, well I have over the months since the murder heard no glimmer of suggestion that this might have been the case - possibly quite the reverse.

Have people got nothing better to do than to put these kinds of queries into a search engine? What are the motives behind such queries?

The killer cannot be named for legal reasons, because of his age.

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