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Tuesday, 25 May 2004

This particular 'difficult' neighbour confounds the stereotype

When one thinks of difficult neighbours, it is most probably of a relatively young person, perhaps playing music far too loud, late at night (that's my mental image, anyway). However, Dorothy Evans, is a 78-year old woman from Abergavenny (Wales), and she has 'form' in this area, it seems. During a trial at Cardiff Crown Court, Judge David Morris described her thus:

"I formed the plain view about you that you were a malicious and evil-minded old woman, determined to make the lives of your neighbours an utter misery."

The same judge presided over an earlier trial in 2001 involving this lady, again as defendant, and has asked for psychiatric reports before deciding how she needs to be dealt with. I hope fervently that when I reach a similar age I do not end up like this - sad for the lady and unpleasant for those who live nearby.

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