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Thursday, 13 May 2004

European Parliament(EP) elections - 10th June 2004

Next month the 25 member states of the European Union will elect new members for the European Parliament. Elections are always held on a Thursday in the UK, whereas in many other European countries they are held on Sundays - this will be the 13th June.

Within Scotland, which is treated as one region within the UK for EP election purposes, the candidates for each Party so far identified are as follows:
1 David Martin
2 Catherine Stihler
3 Bill Miller
4 Kirsty O'Brien
5 Catriona Renton
6 Colin Smyth
7 Gemma Doyle
Scottish National
1 Ian Hudghton
2 Alyn Smith
3 Kenneth Gibson
4 Douglas Henderson
5 Alasdair Nicholson
6 Alex Orr
7 Janet Law
1 Struan Stevenson
2 John Purvis
3 Cameron Buchanan
4 Sebastian Leslie
5 Anne Harper
6 Cllr Paul Nelson
7 Douglas Taylor
Liberal Democrat
1 Elspeth Attwooll
2 Robert Aldridge
3 Alex Bruce
4 Karen Freel
5 Douglas Herbison
6 Clive Sneddon
7 Christine James
1 Charles Booth
2 Tara O'Leary
3 Martin Bartos
4 Moira Dunworth
5 Alastair Whitelaw
6 Katherine Joester
7 James Park
Scottish Socialist
1 Felicity Garvie
2 Nicholas McKerrell
3 Hugh Kerr
4 Catriona Grant
5 Lynn Sheridan
6 John Sangster
7 John Rossetter
1 Peter Troy
2 Philip Anderson
3 George Cormack
4 Michael Phillips
5 Janice Murdoch
6 Donald Mackay
7 Peter Nielson
1 Steven Blake
2 Scott McLean
3 David Kerr
4 Stephen Burns
5 Bryan Dickson
6 Craig McComb
7 John Bean
Operation Christian Vote
1 James Hargreaves
2 William Thompson
3 Richard Russell
4 David Braid
5 Marion McNeill
6 Mary Hay
7 Rose Irtwange
Scottish Wind Watch
1 Brendan Hamill
2 Sylvia Thorne
3 Charles Benny
4 Jennifer Scobie
5 Bennie Palmer
6 Helen Pass
7 Richard Hammock
Individual Candidates
Fergus Tait (Independent)
- some details have been assembled from individual Party websites and additional information has been taken from the BBC European Election website here (the link will show all UK regions in due course, although at the time of this update not all are included).

The expectation, based on past experience, is that turnout in the UK (and probably in many of the other countries) will be rather low. As always, I would urge everyone who is eligible to vote to make sure that the opportunity to vote is not wasted. Quite apart from anything else, the more who vote, the more accurate will the total tally be in terms of overall public opinion. It would be a pity if, for example, certain 'extremist' candidates were to do well because of apathy on the part of people who support, nominally at least, one of the more mainstream parties.

UPDATE: (14MAY04 17.33 BST) The details of the Scotland region have now been added to the BBC listing, so I have been able to complete the details I posted earlier.

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