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Thursday, 27 May 2004

'Be brief!' - says the Welsh windbag

The Financial Times isn't, perhaps, best known as a journal of humour and mirth, but just occasionally ...

Nor of course is the EU, but Neil Kinnock is its administration chief. In any case, Mr Kinnock has called on those who write reports for the European Commission to limit their documents to 15 pages except in undefined rare instances. I suspect that without extra-special vigilance there will soon be, if not in the immediate future then gradually creeping in, in the fullness of time and for various seemingly sound reasons, a creeping lengthening of average document size beyond the current 32 pages - despite a call in 2001 for documents to be limited, then, to 24 pages. (See just how easy it is to slip into the trap? I could easily have shortened that last sentence to 'Pull the other one!')

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