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Thursday, 8 April 2004

UK Foreign Office expresses its concern to China about HK ruling

As I wrote here on 2nd April the recent ruling by China, which seems to indicate an erosion of Hong Kong's autonomy following its return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, is causing considerable and justified alarm in the SAR itself. I noted my conclusion, though, that whilst Hong Kong's friends abroad might protest and regret these moves, it was unlikely to have much effect on China's ultimate objectives, whatever these may be.

It is pleasing to note, therefore, that the Foreign Office has, at least, expressed its 'concerns' over what seem to be 'breaches', or at the very least 'extensions', of the measures open to China under the Basic Law. Being completely cynical, of course (which he never is - Ed.), the UK could do no less in the circumstances if it was not to appear completely ridiculous in international diplomatic circles. Still unlikely to have any real effect, though. The only thing I can see which will give pause for thought in Beijing is if the domestic opposition to the changes within Hong Kong escalates considerably, something that quite obviously most people in Hong Kong will be highly unlikely to want to see happen as like most people they want a quiet life, and they know that anyone who 'crosses' the dictators in Beijing is never forgotten and most often retribution follows eventually. It is a real dilemma for them, I am sure.

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