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Wednesday, 14 April 2004

To take the money, or uphold bigoted views, that is the question ...

... facing some African bishops, who oppose strongly the ordination of gay bishops. Their dilemma? They receive significant funding from their colleague churches (and in some cases potentially 'erstwhile' colleague churches) in wealthier countries where they have chosen to ordain, or allow for the ordination of, gay bishops.

It will be most instructive to see what path these bigots take after contemplating the issue. Does their Christianity mean more than upholding narrow interpretations of selected scriptures, or is theirs the Christianity which tries genuinely to help the needy and desperate. It is highly significant that it is the recipient churches who are debating this, and not the donor churches (who might have overriden their charitable leanings were it not for the fact that they seem to be following in practise the teaching to 'turn the other cheek', because they have evaluated, correctly, that their Christian duty is to help the needy and desperate, however difficult the side-issues involved).

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