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'From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step' - Diderot

Wednesday, 14 April 2004

"From fanatacism to barbarism is only one step" - Denis Diderot

For some months this quotation has appeared at the top of my blog's main panel. Election campaigns often become quite vicious, but this latest example from the US election campaign, which I discovered through Drudge, illustrates perfectly the dangers of allowing strong views to overflow into what one must hope is simply overblown rhetoric and not a literal call for murder to take place.

What will flow from this? Outrage and gloating from one side and attempts to distance themselves from this kind of maverick activity by the other, most likely. Free speech is a wonderful thing, but this outburst is not what this is. I have made no comment about the US election so far, and plan to make very few in coming months, but what really needs to be said now is:
Calm down
Think before acting

That's all for now ...

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