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Sunday, 18 April 2004

The dilemma facing Log Cabin Republicans

Log Cabin Republicans are gay Republicans, but they are faced with a dilemma. Should they support President Bush in his bid for re-election this November, in light of his stated desire to see an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would ban 'gay marriage'?

Gay people in the UK with 'Conservative' leanings have faced a similar dilemma for some years. In my case I formally resigned from the Conservative Party at the time the former leader, Iain Duncan Smith, was elected to that position in September 2001 specifically because of the stance he forced his party to adopt on 'Section 28' and other gay-related issues, including civil partnership and adoption rights for gays. His successor Michael Howard is making some of the right noises, but I remain deeply sceptical of the practical effect this might have were his party to return to power - there remain many bigots in the Conservative Party just waiting to wreak havoc again on our civil rights.

As Chris Barron, political director for The Log Cabin Republicans has rightly said:

"We would never endorse a Democrat."

- just as I find it inconceivable that I could ever support, for example, the Labour or Liberal Democrat parties here in the UK. That is the dliemma: as people who are fundamentally 'Conservative' or 'Republican' to our cores, how should we react in response to these attacks by people whom we agree with on most other issues, when they question our right to be treated as full and equal members of society?

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