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Thursday, 18 March 2004

The traumas which homophobes put themselves through

I do have a guilty secret - I watch one of the most trashy, vulgar programmes on British TV. The same things draw me to it as drew me in the 80s to 'Dynasty' with its back-stabbing and general nastiness, but always coupled with a knowing 'wink' at itself - the actors always seem to be having such a good time behaving in a completely 'over the top' way. There are other attractions of course, and one of these includes scenes involving one of the characters, the subject of this story - it seems that the religious and so-called 'family values' bigots amongst us have succeeded in having a short scene axed from an upcoming episode, even though it is broadcast post-watershed (after 9pm) and far more explicit things have already been shown involving heterosexual scenes.

But they haven't yet succeeded in the case of another British TV soap, according to this. I almost never watch this programme (northern terraced houses aren't my idea of a setting for entertainment), but from all I hear this storyline may be interesting in a few weeks time, if it airs.

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