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Monday, 15 March 2004

Spain, Iraq and al-Qa'ida - an amazing piece of journalistic detective work

I've just been watching an absolutely amazing segment on BBC2 'Newsnight'. Apparently, Norwegian intelligence monitored an Islamist website last autumn (the website has since disappeared) which in the course of a 50-odd page online document spent 8 pages discussing Spanish politics and the significance of the Spanish general election on 14th March the following year and how it could be used to force withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq because it was believed they could not accept more than a small number of casualties there. This was projected to have a follow-on effect on Tony Blair with regard to British participation. It seems that this intelligence was NOT passed on to Spain becasue they (the Norwegians) assumed it related to possible action in Iraq and never imagined that action on Spanish soil was planned.

No web links I can trace so far, but if this story has substance, then undoubtedly we'll hear more about it in the next few days.

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