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Thursday, 4 March 2004

LibDem proposals - luckily it's unlikely they'll ever get to act on them!

It's unlikely because there is only a remote possibility, I would have thought, that they'll ever be elected to run the country - at least in my lifetime.

However, to look at the proposals for a second, whilst some don't seem entirely unreasonable (although I don't agree with them), for example scrapping some defence projects [assuming one thinks it's acceptable to leave the country undefended!], the idea we should be scrapping the Department of Trade and Industry to free up cash for other priorities just seems plain laughable, pie in the sky, nonsense to me.

The objective is to free up money to pay for 'front-line' services, which I take it means health and education. Nothing wrong with wanting to spend more on health and education, of course, but it seems crazy to scrap a department designed to help foster UK trade and industry. No doubt the current budget for that department could be more efficiently spent with, possibly, more productive outcomes, but without nurturing our trade and industries I don't see where the major income is to come from to pay for all the front-line services. It sounds good to say you're going to up the taxes (to 50%) for those earning in excess of GBP 100k a year, but these are the ones who probably produce more per capita anyway for the country and who could, if pushed to it, go and live in countries more conducive to enterprise.

This budget shows clearly why the LibDems have nothing to offer a modern Britain. Very unfortunate.

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