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Thursday, 25 March 2004

Chinese traditional medicine may really work

This is an interesting report - I wouldn't be at all surprised if at least some of the potions commonly prescribed in non-western medicine do rather well, despite the scoffing of many western scientists. I recall years ago in Hong Kong that my amah had a bad dose of 'flu and after trying more or less conventional western remedies for a few days told me she planned to take a pill obtained from a Chinese traditional pharmacy - it was huge (at least as big as a 50p coin). After 27 hours (!!) of non-appearance by her, I asked my mother (who fortunately happened to be visiting at the time) to go to her quarters to see if she was OK. At first she was quite concerned as she found my amah lying comatose and fully clothed on top of her bed, but after a few moments ascertained that she was indeed breathing. About 5 hours after that, she appeared and seemed to be almost fully recovered. Quite why this stuff worked (maybe she was knocked out, so giving the body time to do its work in peace), but it certainly seemed to. I've had a similar experience myself with a homeopathic 'flu remedy.

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