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Monday, 28 January 2013

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announces her abdication

The Dutch monarch has just a short time ago announced her abdication as Queen of the Netherlands, in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, with the change taking place formally on 30th April 2013 - see (*) at end. The Queen said in her television broadcast to the Dutch people that she had been thinking about this for some time; she is approaching her 75th birthday (which she will reach on Thursday 31st January). She herself succeeded to the throne in 1980, when her own mother Queen Juliana abdicated at the age of 70, whose own mother Queen Wilhelmina abdicated in 1948 at the age of 68. Prince Willem-Alexander is currently 45, so if recent tradition holds and he enjoys a reasonably-long life he will presumably be on the throne for 25-35 years. The BBC has a report here.

This practice is very different from our own in the UK, where the monarch normally reigns until He or She dies.

(*) 30th April is celebrated as "Queen's Day"; about Princess's/Queen's Day - this has since 1885 been celebrated as Princess's Day, later Queen's Day, although it was originally observed on 31st August, the 5th birthday of the then Princess Wilhelmina, being moved to 30th April in 1948, on the accession to the throne of Queen Juliana as this was her birthday and this tradition has been maintained by Queen Beatrix, although her own birthday is on 31st January.

Unusual website searches

I haven't written a blog of this kind for several years, but a visit to my little blog earlier today piqued my interest, specially as the search parameters involved have a definite 'Nairn' connection, as it alighted on a blog article I wrote almost six years ago.

In any case, the item that I noticed originated from a place rejoicing in the name of 'Truth Or Consequences', New Mexico. I must admit I wondered how any place could ever have chosen such an unusual name, even in the generally little-populated western and south-western United States, but that 'fount of all knowledge' Wikipedia (however flawed it may be in its detail when analysed with objectivity) informs me that this place really exists (as indeed does a similar search in Google Maps), having changed its name from its former nomenclature of 'Hot Springs', because of the spas created there, to its present name because of a radio programme called 'Truth Or Consequences' having run a competition in 1950.

One can only assume that someone with Nairn connections has fetched up in this corner of the US - if so Howdy!

(Funnily enough, there is a similarly unusually-named place in Scotland called 'Rest and be Thankful' in Argyllshire [now Argyll & Bute] - read more here.)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Education Scotland are high-lighting the need to educate younger generations about the genocide in Europe in the middle of the 20th century and other genocides here - long before many of today's youngsters were born, emphasising the need not to forget what can so easily go wrong in sophisticated modern societies.

- Never Again -

In the UK, today 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day, the date being chosen to commemorate the day that Auschwitz Concentration Camp was liberated in 1945; visit the dedicated website, or visit the website of Yad Vashem.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Australia Day tomorrow ...

... or in fact 'today' because it is already 26th January on that part of the planet! Happy Australia Day! to any antipodean readers who may pass this way!

(shamelessly 'filched' from Brenton on his Aussielicious website)

'Schmallenberg virus to hit UK milk production'

The above title is taken from an article published today in the website of Farmers Weekly. As the article points out, this malady is not 'reportable' so whilst farmers are 'encouraged' to do so, they are not obliged to, so the 1,000 cases reported across England and Wales may 'be the tip of the iceberg'. The disease 'causes deformed and stillborn calves and lambs'.

Although the article does not mention that any cases have been reported so far in Scotland, who can say whether lack of such reports means that no cases have occurred here so far, given that the diease is not 'reportable'? I mention this only because there is a major milk product distribution (and perhaps only temporarily renewed processing) facility here and one wonders whether the problems with UK milk production mentioned by the linked article as a possible consequence of this dieases will have an impact on farms and milk processors locally. Hopefully not.

Another article in Farmers Weekly earlier this month has more details of the apparent impact of the disease on sheep production. A little more research has thrown up a number of other articles mentioning this disease in the DEFRA website (here) and on the BBC website (here and just a couple of weeks ago here), although I do not think it has [yet] crossed over into mainstream television reporting (i.e. national news bulletins).

I suppose I am hoping that the impact of this disease will mean that it does not affect dramatically local economies in my area or more widely throughout the country. However, it appears from what I have been reading that this is quite a recently-identified livestock virus widely spread across Europe (see DEFRA article linked above). Developments awaited anxiously.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Capital punishment for drug traffickers

I'm writing about this because of the news today that a 56 year old British woman has been sentenced to death for being caught with almost 5 kilos (over 10 lbs) of cocaine concealed in the lining of her suitcase on arrival on a flight in Bali from Bangkok.

Firstly, let me state very clearly that I am opposed to capital punishment - killing is wrong and state sanctioned killing (which is what capital punishment is) is no different.

However, the laws on this matter that apply in the UK, the EU and many other countries around the world, which forbid capital punishment, do not apply in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China or indeed the USA, however much I may find their justice systems appalling - I live in the real world, though, and know that sovereign countries do what they think is correct. Nobody travelling to countries in the Far East which operate a very harsh criminal justice system with regard to drug smuggling is left in any doubt about it - the first time I flew into Kuala Lumpur, for example, I recall that although I was well aware of their laws on this matter, I was still somewhat 'thrilled' in a morbid kind of way by the warning printed in heavy red ink on the landing card that the consequence of carrying more than 10 grams (grams, not kilos) of drugs was a MANDATORY death sentence; it certainly focusses the mind. Many of the countries in that part of the world, such as Indonesia have similarly harsh policies. There is no secret about it - everyone who travels there is made aware of the consequences. I got a similar 'thrill' the first time I flew into the USA and had to complete the landing card which asked one to state whether one 'was now or had ever been a member of the Communist Party' - I knew long before I travelled there that this was one of the landing-card questions.

The bottom line is that if you travel to a country that imposes capital punishment for trafficking in drugs, and you carry almost 5 kilos of cocaine in your luggage to that country, then you must be prepared to live (or in this case die) with the consequences.

Lindsay Sandiford, the British woman in the Indonesia incident, has apparently apologised for her crime, fair enough, and has stated in 'mitigation' that she "would never have become involved in something like this but the lives of my children were in danger and I felt I had to protect them", which is put into context by the British human rights charity Reprieve being quoted as stating that she had been: "targeted by drug traffickers who exploited her vulnerability and made threats against her children". As an appeal is apparently going to be lodged by the condemned woman, I imagine that these factors will be investigated and taken into consideration, if this was not done [adequately] at the trial.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

UKIP pretence at being 'reasonable' comes unstuck

This rather amusing 'Downfall' spoof sums up neatly the reality behind UKIP's pretence at being a reasonable political alternative for anyone with any kind of pretence of being house-trained:

- see also here

Asteroid 'Apophis' (2004 MN4) eliminated as Earth-collision risk

NASA has 2 days ago finally been able to eliminate Asteroid 'Apophis' (2004 MN4) as a risk for an Earth-collision in 2036 - see the NASA website here to read more about this re-assuring news.

Earlier orbit calculations some years ago had eliminated the risk of an Earth-collision in 2029; at one point in December 2004 the risk of this particular collision had been set as high 2.7 percent - it briefly reached a classification of 4 on the Torino Scale at the time. I wrote an article here on 25th December 2004 ('Christmas Day') about the seeming threat then, with updates over the next few days. With the Indonesian Tsunami which happened early on the morning of 26th December ('Boxing Day') that year and which I wrote about here a few days later it seemed then that life on Earth was becoming pretty precarious - unfortunately the estimates of 125,000+ deaths in the immediate aftermath were dwarfed in later updates, it now being believed that upwards of 230,000 (possibly upto 280,000) people perished in the hours that followed the underwater earthquake off the north-west coast of Sumatra and the subsequent tsunamis which affected countries all around the Indian Ocean.

In any case, NASA's latest update on Asteroid 'Apophis' (2004 MN4) at least means that major regional destruction, at the very least, from this 270 metre object is no longer a danger. Which certainly merits a modest 'Cheer!' in my view.

More hate mail from the Catholic Church on same-sex marriage

A letter from a number of senior Catholics, plus over a thousand Catholic priests, has today been published in the Daily Telegraph on the topic of same-sex marriage. I am quoting the letter in full below, together with the name of every signatory. Not of course because I agree with what is said in the letter, but because I want to record here the depths to which this so-called 'Christian' organisation will stoop to further its hateful bigotry. Also to place on record here the names of those who have lent their support to this bigotry so that all may know who they are - they will have to answer for their action one day I hope. Personally, I would like to see the charitable status of the Catholic Church revoked in the UK - it offends and disgusts me that my taxes contribute to the funding of this hate-peddling organisation. There are many flaws in logic in the letter and a few actual falsehoods (e.g. it is factually incorrect that Catholics may currently participate fully in the life of this country, given that a Catholic many not be Monarch of the UK, not a situation which I feel acceptable, whatever I may think of the Catholic Church). Quite why an organisation which forbids its own personnel from entering into any kind of marriage (priests and nuns are bound by vows of celibacy and chastity) can be considered a source of moral guidance on marriage of all subjects is really rather bizarre, don't you think? In any case, the legislation being proposed will not force any religious organisation to marry same-sex couples if it does not wish to, any more than the Catholic Church is forced to go against its 'doctrine' by marrying divorced persons. Nor do some heterosexual couples who choose to get married necessarily have to procreate by having children, either because they do not wish to or because one or other of the couple cannot do so. Are these marriages any less valid? Whether the Catholic Church itself chooses to marry same-sex couples or divorced persons is, to be quite honest, a matter of supreme indifference to me, but they should certainly not be able to exercise any kind of veto about such unions taking place under civil authority or by religious organisations that do wish to perform them; the same comments apply to the Church of England, incidentally. There are, despite the scaremongering that the Catholic Church seeks to engage in, NO negative consequences in legislating to permit same-sex marriage - instead it will be a very positive development both for those directly involved and for the wider community by encouraging stable family units. I don't particularly 'like' divorce, any more than does the Catholic Church, but I do not believe same-sex marriages will diminish in any way the value of heterosexual marriage or reduce its stability, rather they are likely to increase the cohesiveness or society as a whole. Whether a married couple (heterosexual or same-sex) stays together long-term in happiness is entirely a personal matter between the two people concerned and about which outsiders very often have little useful to contribute, except to wish the best for the couple involved and perhaps, if invited to do so, to offer a sounding-board for them to discuss the ways in which their marriage may be failing. I think the Catholic Church would be a much better and more worthwhile organisation if it were to re-evaluate its stances on these and other matters.

It would appear that, for whatever reason, the Catholic priest at St Mary's Church in Nairn, Rev. Francis Barnett SJ, does not appear as a signatory to the letter, as a matter of information.

The letter in full (to read it in the Daily Telegraph, click here and scroll down the page):

Same-sex marriage law


After centuries of persecution, Catholics have, in recent times, been able to be members of the professions and participate fully in the life of this country.

Legislation for same-sex marriage, should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences, severely restricting the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship.

It is meaningless to argue that Catholics and others may still teach their beliefs about marriage in schools and other arenas if they are also expected to uphold the opposite view at the same time.

The natural complementarity between a man and a woman leads to marriage, seen as a lifelong partnership. This loving union – because of their physical complementarity – is open to bringing forth and nurturing children.

This is what marriage is. That is why marriage is only possible between a man and a woman. Marriage, and the home, children and family life it generates, is the foundation and basic building block of our society.

We urge Members of Parliament not to be afraid to reject this legislation now that its consequences are more clear.

Rt Rev Peter Brignall - Bishop of Wrexham
Rt Rev Terence Drainey - Bishop of Middlesbrough
Rt Rev Philip Egan - Bishop of Portsmouth
Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon - Bishop of Nottingham
Rt Rev Mgr Keith Newton - Ordinary, Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
Rt Rev Daniel Mullins - Bishop Emeritus of Menevia
Rt Rev Philip Pargeter - Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Birmingham
Rt Rev Patrick O’Donoghue - Bishop Emeritus of Lancaster
Rt Rev Francis Walmsley - Bishop Emeritus to HM Forces
Rt Rev Mgr Edwin Barnes - Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
Rt Rev Francis Baird OSB - Abbot of Prinknash
Rt Rev Dom Aidan Bellenger OSB - Abbot of Downside
Rt Rev Abbot Cuthbert Brogan OSB - Abbot of Farnborough
Rt Rev Dom Paul Stonham OSB - Abbot of Belmont

Very Rev Hugh Allan O Praem, Very Rev Leo Chamberlain OSB MA
Very Rev Dom Michael Clothier OSB, Very Rev Michael Copps OFM
Very Rev Damian Humphries OSB, Rt Rev Anthony Maggs CRL
Very Rev Senan Mahoney OCSO, Rev Emmanuel Mansford CFR
Mitred Archpriest Alexander Nadson, Very Rev Daniel Seward Cong Orat
Very Rev Bernard Swinhoe OSB, Very Rev Henry Wansbrough OSB
Mgr John Allen, Mgr Peter Anglim, Mgr John Armitage, Mgr Keith Barltrop
Mgr Anthony Barry, Mgr Provost David Bottrill, Mgr Anthony Boylan
Mgr Vincent Brady, Mgr Christopher Brooks, Mgr John Conneely
Mgr Provost Peter Cookson, Mgr John Corcoran, Mgr Jim Curry
Mgr John Daly, Mgr Canon Gerard Dasey, Very Rev E Alan Denneny
Mgr Walter Drumm, Mgr Gerald Ewing, Mgr Jeremy Fairhead, Mgr Timothy Galligan
Rev Mgr Canon Jeremy Garratt, Mgr Vincent Harvey, Mgr Martin Hayes
Mgr Provost Sean Healy, Rev Mgr Philip Holroyd, Rt Rev Mgr Brian Kinrade
Mgr David Kirkwood, Mgr Canon John Maguire, Rev Mgr Thomas McGrath
Canon Sean P McTernan, Mgr Canon John Moran, Mgr Provost Cyril Murtagh
Mgr John Nelson, Mgr William Nix, Mgr Patrick O’Dea, Mgr Gordon Read
Mgr Phelim Rowland, Mgr John Ryan, Mgr Bill Saunders, Mgr Canon Francis Slattery
Mgr Richard Stork, Mgr Andrew Summergill, Mgr Adrian Toffolo
Mgr Canon Harry Turner, Mgr Canon Aidan J Turner, Canon Colm Acton
Canon Grzegorz Aleksandrowicz, Canon Michael Bell, Canon Vincent Berry
Canon Joseph Boardman, Canon Michael Brockie, Canon Pat Browne
Rev Canon Patrick Chrystal, Canon John Clark, Rev Canon Joseph Collins
Canon Francis Cookson, Canon Dunstan Cooper, Canon Philip Cross
Canon Thomas Dakin, Canon Colin Davies, Canon Michael Fitzpatrick
Canon Michael Flook, Canon Sean Gilligan, Canon John Gordon, Canon Sean Grady
Canon John Griffiths, Canon John Gunn, Canon Alfred T Hayes, Canon Michael Hazell
Canon Robert Horn, Canon Joseph Kelly, Rev Canon Bernard Lordan
Canon Michael Loughlin, Canon Brendan MacCarthy, Canon Bosco MacDonald
Canon John Madden, Canon Bernard Massey, Canon Anthony McBride
Canon Michael McCreadie, Canon Jonathan Mitchell, Canon Bernard Morgan
Canon Paul Moxon, Canon Bernard Needham, Canon Kenneth Noakes
Rev Canon John F Nunan, Canon Kevin O’Connor, Canon John O’Regan
Rev Canon Timothy O’Sullivan, Canon James Pannett, Canon Luiz Ruscillo
Canon Timothy Russ, Canon Colin Taylor, Rev Canon Paul Townsend
Canon Tom Treherne, Canon Peter Turbitt, Canon Gerard Wharton
Rev Richard Aladics, Rev John Berry, Rev Raymond Blake
Rev Sir Charles Dilke Bt Cong Orat, Rev Peter G Edwards, Rev Ian Farrell
Rev Timothy Finigan, Rev Stewart Foster, Rev Peter Geldard, Rev Marcus Holden
Rev Ian Ker, Rev Michael Marsden, Rev Paul Mason, Rev Aidan Nichols OP
Rev Andrew Pinsent, Rev John Saward, Rev Alexander Sherbrooke, Rev Paul Watson
Rev Benedict Bullen Abuo, Rev William Adams, Rev Dominic Adeiza
Rev Andreas Agreiter MHM, Rev John Ahern, Rev Andrew Alexander CJ
Rev Jim L Allen, Rev Andrew Allman, Rev Michael Amalados
Rev Joseph Alex Angodage OMI, Rev David Annear, Rev Stewart Ansbro
Rev Matthew Anscombe, Rev Oliver Antao, Rev Francis Antwi-Darkwah
Rev Ivan Aquilina, Rev Michael Archer, Rev George Areekhuzhy
Rev Vincent Gabriel Arnold OSB, Rev Kingsley Arulananthem
Rev John Ashton SDB, Rev Michael Ashworth SJ, Rev Anthony G H Attree
Rev Benedict Austen OSB, Rev James Austin, Rev Francis Austin
Rev Cyril Axelrod CSsR, Rev Roman Badiak, Rev John Baggley
Rev Christopher Baker, Rev David Baker, Rev John Ball, Rev Graham Bamford
Rev John Bane, Rev David Barnes, Rev Nigel Barr, Rev Lee Barrett
Rev David Barrow, Rev T Bartnik SDB, Rev Michael Bateman, Rev John Batthula
Rev Michael Beattie SJ, Rev Gordon Beattie OSB, Rev John Beirne
Rev William Bellamy, Rev George Bennett, Rev Lee Bennett, Rev Bill Bergin
Rev Chris Bergin, Rev Jerome Bertram Cong Orat, Rev Kazimierz Bidzinski
Rev Jonathan Bielawski, Rev Robert Billings, Rev Denis Blackledge SJ
Rev John Bland IC, Rev James Blenkinsopp, Rev Peter Blundell
Rev Brendan Blundell OFM Com, Rev John Boland, Rev Andrea Bord
Rev Chad Boulton OSB, Rev Bill Boyd SDB, Rev Bernard Boylan, Rev Cornelius Boyle
Rev Terry Boyle, Rev John P Bradley, Rev Owen Brady, Rev Michael Branch
Rev Michael Brandon, Rev Laurence Brassill OSA, Rev Martin Breen
Rev Raymund Brennan, Rev Tom Breslin, Rev Malachy Brett, Rev Silvio Briffa
Rev Charles Briggs, Rev Marcus Brisley, Dom Nicholas Broadbridge OSB
Rev Paul Brophy, Rev S D Brown, Rev Michael Brown, Rev Alexander J B Brown
Rev Joseph Brown SDB, Rev Andrew Browne, Rev Antony Brunning, Rev Gary Buckby
Rev Martin Budge, Rev Sylvester Bukenya, Rev John Bosco Bukomba, Rev Paul Burch
Rev Timothy Burke, Rev Michael Burke, Rev David Burns, Rev James Burns
Rev Peter Burns, Rev Gerard Burns, Rev Andrew Burns CSsR
Rev Peter Burns OSB, Rev Peter Burrows, Rev Francesco Buttazzo
Rev Keith Butterworth, Rev Alfred Buttigieg SJ, Rev Keith Byrne OSA
Rev Gerard Byrne, Rev Denis Caddle OAR, Rev John Cadwallader CJ
Rev Malcolm Cairns, Rev John Cairns, Rev Xavier Calduch, Rev James Callaghan
Rev Kevin Callaghan CSsR, Rev Francis Calnan SCJ, Rev Raymond Camilleri OFM
Rev Charles Cammack MHM, Rev Duncan Campbell OP, Rev Gordon Campbell
Rev Michael Campion, Rev Francis Capener, Rev Darren Carden
Rev Brendan Carmody SJ, Rev Dom Matthew Carney OSB, Rev Patrick Carroll
Rev Sean Carroll, Rev Louis Caruana SJ, Rev Louis Catterall SMM
Rev John Causey, Rev Pietro Celotto CS, Rev John Chandler, Rev Bernard Charnock
Rev Mongkhon Charoentham, Rev Neil Chatfield, Rev Paul Chavasse Cong Orat
Rev Eric Cheetham, Rev Gregory Chillman OSB, Rev Simon Chinery
Rev Anto Chittilappilly, Rev Anthony Cho OFM, Rev Jacob Choi OSA
Rev Dominic Chukka, Rev Aloysius Church SJ, Rev Krzysztof Ciebien
Rev Bogdan Cisek, Rev John Clancy CSsR, Rev Edward Clare, Rev James Clark
Rev Peter Clarke, Rev Roger Clarke, Rev James Clarke, Rev Martin Clayton
Rev Damien Clemas AA, Rev Anthony Cogliolo, Rev Michael Cole
Rev Ray Collier SSC, Rev Allan Collins CSSp, Rev John Collins
Rev Martin Collins, Rev Michael Collis, Rev Christopher Colven
Rev Augustin Conesa, Rev Mark Coningsby, Rev Philip Conner
Rev Mark Connolly CSSp, Rev Thomas Connolly, Rev Francis Conway OFM
Rev John Cooke, Rev Leo Cooper, Rev John Cooper, Rev Robert Copsey SOLT
Rev Edward Corbould OSB, Rev Eamon Corduff, Rev Charles Corrigan CSsR
Rev Anton Cowan, Rev Peter Coyle, Rev Ronald Crane, Rev Tom Creagh-Fuller
Rev Thomas Crean OP, Rev John Cribben, Rev Michael Crumpton, Rev Janos Csisco
Rev Bryan Cunningham, Rev Thomas Cunningham, Rev Christopher Cunningham
Rev Brendan Curley, Rev H A Curtis, Rev V J Curtis, Rev Anthony Cussen SMA
Rev Justin Daanaah, Rev Victor Dakwen, Rev James Daley MHM, Rev John Danford
Rev Francis Daniel OMI, Rev Francis Davidson OSB, Rev Jeremy Davies
Rev Jeremy Davies, Rev Royston Davis, Rev Stephen Day, Rev Philip de Freitas
Rev Bernard de Smet OSB, Rev Anthony de Vere, Rev Tesfamichael Debesay Negusse
Rev Patrick Deegan, Rev Salvador Del Molino IMC, Rev John Delaney OFMCap
Rev Edward Delphine OSB, Rev Anthony Delsink, Rev Robert Devaney
Rev Martin Devenish MCCJ, Canon Robert Dewhurst, Rev Richard Diala CM
Rev Paul Diaper, Rev Gary Dickson, Rev Casmir Dike, Rev Stephen Dingley
Rev Michael Docherty, Rev John Docherty OAR, Rev Anthony Doe, Rev James Doherty
Rev Francesco Donega, Rev Daniel Donohoe SDB, Rev Brian Doolan
Rev William Dowds MHM, Rev Francis Doyle, Rev Anthony Doyle, Rev Tom Dubois
Rev Richard Duffield Cong Orat, Rev Joseph Duggan SJ, Rev Michael Dunn OP
Rev Michael Dunne, Rev Roy Dunstan CRL, Rev Wieslaw Duracz, Rev Sean Durcan
Rev Bruce Dutson, Rev Paul Dynan, Rev Philip Dyson, Rev James Eamer CP
Rev Patrick Earley, Rev James Early, Rev William East, Rev Richard Ebo
Rev Andrew Ebrahim SDB, Rev Ignatius Edet, Rev Tim Edgar
Rev Robert Ehileme SMM, Rev David Elder, Rev Anthony Elder, Rev John Elliot
Rev David Elliott, Rev Simon Ellis, Rev John Eze MSP, Rev Reuben Ezebuofor
Rev Josaphat Ezenwa, Rev John Fairhurst SJ, Rev Isidore Faloona OFM
Rev Marcel Fangoo CSSp, Rev Robert Farrell, Rev Joseph Farrell
Rev David Featherstone, Rev John Feeley, Rev Joseph Feeley
Rev Anthony Fernandes SDB, Rev Malcolm Ferrier, Rev Michael Fewell
Rev Kevin Firth, Rev Simon Firth, Rev Kieran Fitzharris SVD
Rev Sean Flannery OAR, Rev Martin Flatman, Rev John Fleming
Rev Gerald Flood, Rev Francis Flynn, Rev Kieran Flynn SMM, Rev Frank Flynn
Rev Maurice Flynn OCD, Rev John Fordham Cong Orat, Rev Bernard Forshaw
Rev Thomas Forster, Rev Andrew J Foster, Rev David Foster
Rev Peter Foulkes, Rev Kevin Foulkes, Rev Peter Fox, Rev Bernard Fox MHM
Rev Anthony Frain SDB, Rev Jesus Frances OAR, Rev Anthony Franey
Rev Gerald Freely, Rev Russell Frost, Rev Tony Furlong IC
Rev Joseph Gabiola, Rev Andrew Gallagher, Rev Michael Gallagher
Rev Michal Garbecki MIC, Rev John Garry SPS, Rev Austin Garvey
Rev C S Geddes, Rev Daryl George, Rev Matthew George, Rev Paul J Gibbons
Rev John Gildea, Rev Brian Gilmore SVD, Rev Peter Glas, Rev Malcolm Glaze
Rev David Glover, Rev Dominic Golding, Rev Thomas Goonan SM
Rev Krzysztof Goralski, Rev Piotr Gordon, Rev Maurice Gordon
Rev Timothy Gorham OSB, Rev Brendan Gorman, Rev David Gornall SJ
Rev Martin Gowman OSB, Rev Paul Graham OSA, Rev Donald Graham
Rev David Grant, Rev Reg Gray OFM, Rev Brian Gray, Rev Andy Graydon
Rev Patrick Greasley, Rev Charles Michael Grech OFM, Rev Julian Green
Rev Martin Griffin MSFS, Rev Austin Griffin, Canon Michael Griffiths
Rev Gregory Griffiths, Rev Damien Grimes MHM, Rev Bernard Guest CMF
Rev Roger Guiver, Rev David Gummett, Rev Mark Hackeson, Rev Peter Hackett SJ
Rev Kentigern Hagan OSB, Rev Bernard Hahesy, Rev Kevin Hale, Rev Denis Hall
Rev Henryk Halman FDP, Rev John Hancock, Rev Stephen Hardaker
Rev Richard Hardstaff, Rev Paul Hardy, Rev John Harris, Rev Philip Harris
Rev Jonathan Redvers Harris, Rev Michael Harrison, Rev Peter G Hart
Rev Austin Hart, Rev John Hartley, Rev Edmund Hartley, Rev David Hartley
Rev Richard Harvey, Rev Gerard Hatton, Rev Gerard Haugh, Rev James Hawes
Rev Padraig Hawkins, Rev Simon Hawksworth, Rev Raglan Hay-Will
Rev Colm Hayden, Rev Andrew Headon, Rev Simon Heans, Rev Ian Hellyer
Rev John Heneghan, Rev Kevin Hennessey, Rev Simon Henry, Rev Patrick Hibbert
Rev Jonathan Hill, Rev John Hindley, Rev John Hitchen
Rev Dom Xavier Dinh Ho OSB, Rt Rev Dom Jerome Hodkinson OSB
Rev Thomas Hoole, Rev Kevin J Hooper, Rev Tim Hopkins, Rev Michael Hore
Rev John Horn, Rev Ian Hoskins, Rev Peter Houghton, Rev Angelus Houle
Rev Austin Hughes SCJ, Rev Paul Hughes, Rev John Humphreys, Rev Andrew Hurley
Rev Peter Hurley, Rev David Hutton, Rev Patrick Hutton, Rev Edward Huwanga
Rev Cosmas Ikirodah, Rev John Inglis, Rev Dominic Innamorati, SCJ
Rev David Irwin, Rev Christopher Jackson, Rev Ian Jackson
Rev Frederick Jackson, Rev Matthew Jakes, Rev Bengt-Ove Jakobson CHS
Rev Howard James, Rev John James, Rev Dylan James, Rev Habib J Jaujou
Rev Slawomir Jedrych MS, Rev Leonard Jioke, Rev John Johnson
Rev Paul Johnson, Rev Norman Johnston, Rev Paul Johnstone
Rev Michael Johnstone, Rev Michael Johonnett, Rev Peter Jones
Rev Michael Jones, Rev Kevin Jones, Rev Michael Jones, Rev Lawrence Jones
Rev Bryan Jones, Rev Darline Joseph MSFS, Rev Martin Joyce
Rev Cornelius Joyce, Rev Sebastian Mari Kajko CFR, Rev Auson Kamugisha SDS
Rev Jason Karippai, Rev Dominic Kavanagh, Rev Nicholas Kavanagh
Rev Christopher Keen, Rev Seamus Keenan, Rev Peter Kelly MAfr
Rev Gerard Kelly, Rev Chris Kelly CP, Rev Fergus Kelly CM
Rev Daniel M Kelly, Rev Michael Kelly, Rev Tom Kelly SCJ
Rev Joseph Kendall, Rev Jim Kennedy CMF, Rev Thomas Kennedy
Rev Joseph Keogh, Rev William Keogh, Rev Brendan Killeen, Rev Malcolm King
Rev David King IC, Rev Paul King, Rev Kieran Kirby, Rev Michael Kirkham
Rev Peter Kirkham, Rev Michael Kirkpatrick, Rev K Kita, Rev Leslie Knight
Rev Peter Knott SJ, Rev Leonard Kofler MHM, Rev Thomas Kolangaden OSB
Rev Vitalis Kondo, Rev Jaroslaw Konopko OFMCap, Rev Marcin Kordel CRL
Rev Tadeusz Kordys, Rev Stanislaw Kowalski, Rev Joseph Kuttivayalil MSFS
Rev Philip Kuzhipparambil, Rev Michael Lakeland, Rev Douglas Lamb
Rev Michael Lambert AA, Rev Patrick Laydon, Rev Michael J Leadbeater
Rev John Leahy SSCC, Rev John Lee, Rev Francis A Leeder
Rev Cadoc Leighton OPraem, Rev Shaun Lennard, Rev Gerry Lennon
Rev Sean Leonard, Rev Paul Leonard, Rev Simon Lerche, Rev Michael Lester
Rev Timothy Lewis, Rev Gareth Leyshon, Rev Gladstone Liddle
Rev Christopher Lindlar, Rev Robert Livesey, Rev Denys Lloyd
Rev Paul Lomas, Rev Barry Lomax, Rev David Long, Rev Michael Lovell
Rev Michael Lowenthal, Rev Alexander Lucie-Smith, Rev Jimmy Lutwana
Rev James Lynch, Rev Peter Lyness, Rev James Mackay, Rev John Mackie
Rev Anton Madej SCJ, Rev Stephen Magro OFM, Rev Jim Maguire
Rev Vincent Maguire MCCJ, Rev Canon Peter Maguire, Rev Derrick Maitland SJ
Rev George Malecki SDS, Rev Ambrose Maliakkal IC, Rev Anthony Mangnall
Rev Francis Maple OFMCap, Rev Jean-Laurent Marie, Rev Luke Marrapillil
Rev Francis Marsden, Rev John Marsh, Rev Peter Marsh, Rev Bernard Marsh
Rev Richard Martin SSC, Rev Paul Martin, Rev Terry Martin
Rev Michael Mason, Rev William F Massie, Rev Michael Masterson
Rev Franco Mastromauro MCCJ, Rev Pius Matthew, Rev Stephen A Maughan
Rev Ambrose May OFMCap, Rev Laurence Mayne, Rev Marcelino Mayor OAR
Rev Alexander McAllister SDS, Rev Canon Nicholas McArdle
Rev Daniel McAvoy SMM, Rev Ian McCarthy, Rev Ian McClean O Praem
Rev Austin McCormack OFM, Rev Michael McCormick, Rev Francis McCullagh
Rev Christopher McCurry, Rev Gilmour McDermott, Rev Kevin McDevitt
Rev Denis McGillicuddy, Rev Brian McGinley, Rev Brian McGrath OFM
Rev James McGrath, Rev Rick McGrath, Rev Owen McGreal
Rev Brendan McGuinness SDB, Rev James McGuire SDB, Rev Peter McGuire
Rev Dom Simon McGurk, Rev Peter Jude McHugo CJ, Rev Bernard McInulty OSB
Rev Leslie McKenna SJ, Rev Tony McKentey, Rev B McKenzie, Rev John McKeon
Rev Patrick McKeown CP, Rev Dcn Stephen McKevitt, Rev Mgr Patrick McKinney
Rev James McKnight IC, Rev Michael McLaughlin, Rev Hugh McMahon CM
Rev James McManus CSsR, Rev Bernard McNally, Rev Neil McNicholas
Mgr Michael McQuinn, Rev Thomas McShane SCJ, Rev Duncan McVicar
Rev Desmond Meagher, Rev Augustine Measures OSB, Rev Robinson Melkis
Rev John Meredith, Rev John Metcalfe, Rev Richard Meyer, Rev Shaun Middleton
Rev Jan Milcz CSsR, Rev Paul Millar, Rev Philip Miller, Rev Robert Miller
Rev Donald Minchew, Rev Mark Minihane OSA, Rev Dominique Minskip
Rev Augustine Monaghan MHM, Rev Francis L Mooney, Rev Gregory Moore
Rev Mark Moran, Rev Myles Moriarty SM, Rev Rob Morland SMA
Rev Richard Moroney, Rev Ivor Morris, Rev Martin Morris, Rev Allen Morris
Rev Michael Morrissey, Rev Kevin Moule, Rev Lazarus Msimbe SDS
Rev Clement M Mukuka, Rev Kevin Mulhearn, Rev Kieran Mullarkey
Rev Michael Munnelly, Rev Brian Murphy, Rev Brian Murphy, Rev Jeremiah Murphy
Rev Agnellus Murphy FI, Rev Aidan Murray SDB, Rev Peter Murray SM
Rev Dom Gervase Murray-Bligh, OSB, Rev Kieran Murthagh SSCC
Rev David Musgrave ISch, Rev Richard Mway, Rev Joseph Narikuzhi
Rev Masaki Narusawa, Rev James Neal, Rev Peter Nealon, Rev Arthur C Nearey
Rev Edmund Neizer, Rev Roger Nesbitt, Rev Brian Newns, Rev Peter Newsam
Rev Peter Tien Dac Nguyen, Rev Hoan Minh Nguyen, Rev Guy Nicholls Cong Orat
Rev Ambrose Nicholson, Rev Joseph Nnabugwu, Rev Sunith Nonis
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Rev Michael O’Doherty, Rev Kevin O’Donnell, Rev John O’Donnell
Rev John O’Donoghue, Rev William O’Gorman, Rev Denis O’Gorman CRL
Rev James O’Hanlon, Rev Conleth O’Hara CP, Rev Eamonn O’Hara
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Rev Ivan Weston, Rev Michael Weymes, Rev Brian Whatmore, Rev Joe Wheat
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Rev Thomas Wilberforce CSSp, Rev William Wilby, Rev Peter Wilcocks SJ
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Rev Stephen Willis, Rev Edmund Willoughby SJ, Rev William Wilson
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Rev Slawomir Witon, Rev Thomas Wood, Rev John Woods, Rev Jeffrey Woolnough
Rev Stephen Wright, Rev William Wright OSB, Rev J Colin Wright
Rev Alan Wright, Rev William Young, Rev Theodore Young OSB
Rev David Young OFM Conv, Rev John Younger, Rev Ryszard Zalewski
Rev John Zampese SX, Rev Paul Zielinski, Rev Renato Zilio CS
Rev Philip Ziomek, Rev Bartholomew Zubeveil CSSp

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Scottish Referendum "Propaganda" begins

I write above that the "Propaganda" efforts with which we will undoubtedly be faced in the many months leading up to the referendum on Scottish "Independence"/"Separation" have begun, because I found in my mail-box this morning a leaflet from the "Yes" campaign - the organisation that published this particular leaflet calls itself "Yes Scotland" and has, according to the leaflet, an address in Glasgow. Although no mention is made of it in the leaflet, this is the organisation supported by the SNP Scottish Government in furtherance of its [the SNP, that is] political aim to take Scotland out of the current political arrangements it has as one of the partners in the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and establish a separate country.

Scottish Referendum "Propaganda"

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

The "Yes Scotland" campaign
(All pages from a one-fold leaflet received today)




Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

People who have read my blog over the years will be under no illusions where I stand on this issue and I make no pretence that I do not have very strong views on it. I oppose the "Yes Scotland" campaign, instead I support the "Better Together" campaign, because I want to see Scotland remain fully integrated into the UK with its partners England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, just as I am doing today, I will publish here any leaflet I receive through my mail-box in support of either side of the question and shall describe them all as Scottish Referendum "Propaganda", yes even those which support the views I hold, just as I have published all electoral leaflets received through my mail-box in most election campaigns in recent years

If you wish to find out more about the Yes Scotland campaign, you can visit its website here.

If you wish to find out more about the Better Together campaign, you can visit its website here.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year folks

This blog entry is really just to indicate that I am still here and that I wish everyone who happens to pass this way a very Happy New Year for 2013.

Of late, however, I have felt no particular impulse to blog regularly so have not done so. Whenever anything that I consider to be of especial interest happens, though, I shall most probably record it in print here.

Meantime - Go in Peace.